Outstanding results in a very busy week

In a week full of Futsal, with all parts of the programme involved, results could hardly be better. Unbeaten in the weekend despite the multiple challenges, the Loughborough teams managed several outstanding performances.


FA National Futsal LeagueLoughborough Futsal Club

Super League: Loughborough 6-2 Reading

Women: Kettering 1-3 Loughborough

Division 1: Loughborough Dev 2-2 University of Nottingham


BUCSLoughborough Students Futsal Club

Premier League: Loughborough 7-0 Leeds Met

Midlands 1A: Loughborough 2s 6-6 University of East Anglia 1s

Midlands Conference Cup: Leicester 3s 8-16 Loughborough 3s 

Midlands Conference Cup: Loughborough 4s 4-3 Warwick 2s 


BUCSLoughborough Women Association Football Club

Round Robin tournament:

Loughborough 2s 5-1 University of Derby 1s

Loughborough 2s 2-2 University of Leicester 1s

Loughborough 2s 7-1 Birmingham City University 1s

Loughborough 2s 5-1 University of Staffordshire 1s

Loughborough 2s 4-1 University of Lincoln 1s


Leicestershire Futsal Fives

Young Stars 2-15 Loughborough Students U19

University of Warwick 8-2 Loughborough Futsal Club U19 Academy of Sport 

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