Loughborough BUCS Premier League North Champions

Loughborough's men first team managed to add yet another piece of silverwear to the trophy cabinet a week ago after winning the BUCS Premier League North with a game to spare. The University of Nottingham had resisted almost for the whole game, but ended up losing 1-0 with 28 seconds to go, thus preserving Loughborough's so far flawless league record of 9/9 wins.

Only one thing was left to decide for the last game of the League against The University of Edinburgh. Were Loughborough to beat the Scottish representative in the BUCS Premier League North, Loughborough would become the first ever team to win every League game since the introduction of the new BUCS Premier League format, and only the second ever perfect league campaign, since they won the inaugural BUCS Premier League 2011/12 league with a flawless 8/8 wins record in the Midlands group.

Despite Loughborough's successes in the BUCS Championship, where the boys in purple have reached 5 of the last 6 finals and are the only institution to have conquered the precious BUCS Gold  four times, this is only the third League title for Loughborough. In 2015, after an almost flawless league campaign in which Loughborough only lost, away, against The University of Lincoln, Loughborough won the title a second time. The permanent clashes with National League futsal and international duty have traditionally hampered Loughborough's league chances, making this season's league title even more remarkable.

Loughborough will now be fighting history: no team has ever won the BUCS Championship two seasons in a row, and Loughborough have never managed to conquer the big title in the same season they won the league.

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By idafepj / Administrator, bbp_keymaster on Feb 11, 2019

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