Welcome to Loughborough Futsal’s new brand identity

Ever develop or get left behind

The world of brand has seen interesting developments across a range of industries in recent years, none less than the sports one. Sports clubs are increasingly embracing the importance of upholding their brand image, one contributor to this being brand identity.

In recent times, the most notable development in terms of sports clubs’ brand identity is that of Juventus. The change has been radical, forward thinking and for some it has raised questions. One thing has no doubt in our mind though, their marketing, digital presence and overall brand will strengthen as a result, and others will follow.

This new brand identity sees a significant change in the Super League team logo, incorporating Loughborough Futsal’s ‘L’ and ‘F’ subtly in the shape of a traditional crest. Not only do we believe this development will give the team a face-lift moving into the debut season of the new Super League, but it will allow for more versatile use of the logo across a range of media, ultimately meaning for a more aesthetic, identifiable and consistent brand image.

We hope you enjoy seeing this how our new brand identity develops and can’t wait for the new seasons to get underway. For more insights, follow this link for interviews with our Chairman, Academy Manager and Freelance Creative and Brand Strategist.

Wish to enquire about how your brand could be optimised? Contact our freelance brand strategy and creative specialist, Aidan Shields, at aidanjshields@gmail.com

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