A Closer Look: Jacob Evans

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Some basics

Birth: Reading, England. 1st October 1999

Life before The Bubble: Played futsal for Reading Royals, and attended Forest School in Winnersh.

Year: Fresher

Course: BSc Economics

Position: Fix or wing

It's turn for the BUCS 2nd team in our A Closer Look series. Fresher Jacob Evans was not novice to futsal when he stared looking into Universities, having played for Reading Royals in the FA National Futsal League, one of the Clubs with which Loughborough have an excellent relationship. Coming to the bubble to do an Economics degree and keep progressing on his futsal seemed a natural step. Jacob went through Club trials in October, the largest ever for the Club, were he impressed enough to be put straight into the BUCS 2s. His performances haven't gone unnoticed, and it's time to catch up with him.


You were at Reading Royals before coming to Loughborough, a Club with which we have a great relationship. What’s Royals like?

It’s a Brilliant club, dedicated to forwarding the game. I Owe a lot of my development to Rich and Fernando, they introduced me to the game and coached me through periods where I wasn’t playing well. They always promote their young players, playing wherever possible, which I think is good for the development of the game domestically. We came second last year during our first proper season in the national leagues, which I would put down to the way the club is run, they kept everyone involved and never alienated players, we all wanted to play. I wish them the best in the coming seasons, I always look out for their scores!


Did you know of the futsal programme at Loughborough before coming?

Yeah, I’m knew that of all the universities Loughborough had the best programme for futsal. Not many other unis take it as seriously, or have the quality of coaching that is offered here. It was a big part of why I came to Loughborough and I would encourage anyone interested in futsal to come here for their degree, as it is a great sport to play and not many other places will run it as well as here.


You were placed in the second team being a fresher. How was the adaptation to the Loughborough programme?

At the start it was hard to adapt, as one of a few fresher there were existing relationships between players. Also, the training time was difficult to get used to, but morning training really sets you up for the day and normally results in a productive day. It didn’t take long to become mates with the team and that has definitely helped in starting to play better together. I have very much enjoyed the trainings and the social side of the team, and I understood that a fresher in the 2s wasn’t too common, so knew that there were expectations of me. It has been an enjoyable season and I look forward to next season with Loughborough.


How has the season been like for the BUCS 2s?

It has been a season of ups and downs. For periods we struggled for players at training and it was hard to develop and practice without having everyone there. We had a good start, with lots of positives and good turnouts, however midway through the season exams and other distractions meant that many of the team couldn’t play, so we struggled for results. Now we are training and playing well, and if the team stays together I am confident that we could do very well next season.


What’s the view on the Loughborough Futsal programme from the players in the second team?

Mostly positive I think. Obviously some people aren’t used to early mornings so that can cause some issues. We were told that the purpose of the 2s was to develop players to be able to play in the 1s, and I think that is a programme we all agreed with. Sometimes it can be hard for Miguel to ensure everyone is kept happy, because the squad is quite big, but I think all of us have benefited from the Loughborough programme.


Which of your team mates would you say will make it all the way to the first team and the super league within their Loughborough tenure?

There are a couple who I recon could make it. I am confident Kyle would be able to if this wasn’t his final year at uni, as with Owen, if he wants to play after his placement. Michael has been an important player for us this year and I believe he has the ability and attitude to play in the 1s. A couple of the IFA boys will definitely make it all the way. Jamie, Joe, Dawid and Marshall all have the ability to make it to the top and I am confident they will play super league, possibly even next season. Most if of the players in the 2s are capable of playing at the top level by the end of their Loughborough tenure, and I am excited to see how they develop.


What are your aspirations, in the degree and in futsal??

For me, the ultimate goal is to play in the super league. Having played in the national league before I knew that coming to Loughborough I would be facing some high standard competition to try to get there, but I hope that by the time I leave here I am at the level to play at the top. I would also like to play for Wales or England one day, but that’s more of a long term goal. In terms of my degree, I’d like to get first class honours and work in the banking or investment sector because it’s something I have great interest in and could see myself enjoying.

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