A Closer Look: George Mullis

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Some basics

Birth: Beckenham, England, 25th April 1999

Life before The Bubble: Played football to county level and got 3 A’s at A-level at Hayes sixth form

Year: Fresher

Course: BSc Sport and Exercise Science

Position: Winger

We turn our eyes to the BUCS Fresher's team in our A Closer Look series. We talk with one of the most charismatic, and worst hair-styled, players in Club, George Mullis. George made it into the Club through the massive trials of October 2018, and has since impressed in his firs ever futsal season.


This is your first year at Loughborough and in the programme. Had you done any futsal before trialing for the Students’ Club?

I had no futsal experience before coming to Loughborough. I remember I didn’t really know what to expect going into the first trial so I just ran as hard as I could until I had nothing left and when I got through that, they told me the second trial was the next morning and my leg muscles were screaming at me so I had to go again and play with literally no energy and then I was one of the last few players to be selected in the second trial but it was completely worth it.


You were placed in the freshers’ team, where most players had never played futsal before. How was the adaptation?

The adaptation at the start of the year was taking a bunch of quality football players and teaching them to play futsal instead of football. We won games at the start of year because we were better technically but we made it so much harder for ourselves because we brought over bad habits from football. One key game for me was when we played against Anglia Ruskin 2s and won 5-0. We completely dominated the game and it was the first time we looked like a futsal team.


The Freshers team is having an spectacular season, reaching a semi-final and fighting to win their league. What has been the recipe for success?

Scott said to us at the start of the season that we would be technically better than most teams so the only way we would lose is if we were physically dominated, tactically inept or we didn’t work hard enough, so we make sure that in every game we tick all those boxes. It’s made a lot easier by the fact that everyone in the team are great mates so everyone wants to work that little bit harder because you’re not only doing it for yourself you’re doing it for your mate and we never give in, in the vast majority of games this season we have gone behind but we have faith in the way we play and have shown great character to come back from 3 or 4 goals down in some games.


What’s the view on the Loughborough Futsal programme from the players in the freshers’ team?

The boys know that it’s a great club to be a part of and everyone is working hard to put the club in the best possible position. We know we have some of the best coaches and a pathway where someone can go from never playing futsal like all of us to playing BUCS 1s and super league by their final year.


Which of your team mates would you say will make it all the way to the first team and the super league within their Loughborough tenure?

We have so many quality players in our squad, Jack Winiarski, Sibu Solwandle and Joe Speak to name a few and I could see a lot of them moving up to play at a much higher standard. If I was to pick 3 I would say Dylan Kitts our goalkeeper, without him we wouldn’t have had an amazing season, the saves he pulls out in big moments in games allow us to win games. I would be surprised if he doesn’t play super league by the time he leaves. The next player would be Joel Blackburn, our backman he never fails to put in anything less than an 8/10 performance and is incredibly composed on the ball. The last player would be Jacob Cullen, very underrated in my eyes, technically the best player in our squad in my opinion and works very hard for the team.


What are your aspirations, in the degree and in futsal??

In terms of studying I want to achieve a first in my degree and get a great placement. My ambition at the moment is to do a masters in sport psychology. In futsal, my ambition is to play for the 1s and super league side by the time I get to my final year and help loughborough futsal club to continue to improve and achieve its goals every year

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