A Closer Look: Dijari Marouf

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Some basics

Birth: Bonn, Germany, 04/05/1999

Life before The Bubble: Southampton Foundation

Year: Fresher

Course: BSc Sports Coaching

Position: Goalkeeper

Our series A Closer Look focuses on fresher goalkeeper Dijari Marouf. DJ was scouted by Loughborough Futsal Director Idafe Perez Jimenez at the Inter Movistar camp in 2017, and recruited into the programme from September 2018, when he started his Higher Education at Loughborough. DJ has already debuted in the FA Futsal Super League and in the BUCS Premier League, and his efforts have recently been rewarded with a call up to train with the Iraqi National Team.


What made you decide coming to Loughborough?

It wasn’t a hard choice to make as it is a dream of many athletes not just Futsal but every sport to come here (Loughborough) to train to their maximum ability, it is globally recognised for their achievements.


What was your first impression of the futsal programme here at Loughborough once you started?

My first approach was with the IFA where i came up to Loughborough for couple days in Easter for a training camp and it was exactly what I wanted to be doing for the next season , I met the Head Coach and saw how passionate he is for Futsal and wanted to be part of the project instantly.


How’s the season going for you, at College and in futsal?

The season is going great with me making my Super League and BUCS 1’s debut which was one of my main goals of the season, but also just learning every training session on my technical side of goalkeeping, it couldn’t go better right now. but to put the cherry on the cake to be getting called up by my country is beyond my goals which shows that I am working very hard each week to be where I am at.The educational side is also going good , with me passing all the modules so far in the year, I am hoping to get through the comfortably.


You have been called to the next two training camps for Iraq’s national team. What are your expectations?

I am hoping to show the Iraqi coaches what I am capable of through out the 2 week intense training camps. Which then hopefully will get me into the 14 man squad heading to the U20 Asian Championship in June.


Loughborough teams have been getting very good results so far this season. What do you think it’s being the key for that success?

I think we have to credit our Head Coach for his amazing knowledge of the sport but also our squad for the 2018/19 season is very strong which is supported by the 3-4 training sessions each week preparing them for their games which helps the team massively.


Loughborough’s list of international calibre goalkeepers keeps growing. Where do you see yourself by the time you graduate?

It is a honour to be amongst the list and a huge pleasure to be also training with all the current goalkeepers at Loughborough, we truly are a KeeperUnion where we all support each other and improve together. My ultimate goal by the time I graduate is to have qualified for the World Cup with Iraq and be part of the squad, but also leave a mark in the Loughborough futsal history and not leave here as a average player!

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